Download Dragon City Hack Cheats ( Full 100% Works )

Dragon City is a Facebook game published by Social Point. The purpose of the game is to hatch eggs, train dragons and create new islands/cities. In this game, breeding dragons is a daily business/activity. Even though it was intended to be free, Dragon City is more likely a pay to win game, because it requires strong strategic thinking skills and it’s very difficult to achieve your objectives. Obtaining gems on your own it’s possible, but very hard to realize, so the other way would be to buy gems. Dragon City Cheats is able to offer you a stress-free and costless alternative to adding resources on your account fast and effective.


The gems are the premium currency in Dragon City. With them you can acquire the most powerful items in the game. To become really good you need a lot of gems, food and gold/coins. Dragon City Hack is mandatory if you really want to make your city and dragons powerful and competitive. Don’t waste hard earned money on video games. Use our program to replace game data and inject newly/modified variables. You’ll obtain the same results as in the first case.

Beside the gems, food and gold/coins editors, Dragon City Hack offers other unique and great features:

  • Instant Buildings –instantly finishes the construction/upgrading your buildings;
  • Instant Dragons – tired of waiting until your dragon is evolving? Use this option and it will grow in a matter of seconds;
  • Instant Level up/XP Hack – grants you the possibility of instant leveling up your character.


No more waiting times. Dragon City Hack is the one and only new and working software than can really help you achieve your goals. The program has a fail-safe setting, limiting the amount of items you can add to your account. The resources will be available again in a few days, after the server is synchronizing the databases. Note: make sure you run the program as an administrator.

Dragon City has a very high level of versatility. The program offer 128-bit data encryption: if the data is intercepted, it can’t be deciphered by anyone. Therefore, you are safe to use it anytime you want. Dragon City Hack is very user-friendly and simple to use. You won’t have to pay money anymore to be a good player in this game. Feel free to share this tool with your friends or someone else. We are planning to add more features in the near future, so make sure to check this page from time to time.


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